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Ken Swann provides the following services

Planning and implementing communication initiatives

Communication is a vital component in any development project. Technologies, policies, concepts and preferred practices promoted by a project need to be properly packaged and delivered to reach and influence a target audience. Appropriate media needs to be selected, messages developed and materials designed, delivery systems planned and impact assessed.

Ken has conducted baseline investigations and designed and implemented comprehensive development communication initiatives in Cambodia, Laos, India, Indonesia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Georgia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, East Timor and Pakistan.

Evaluating communication initiatives

Are we providing the right communication approaches and products to the right people through the right channel at the right time? Did communication activities result in any opinion, attitude or behaviour change amongst targeted audiences? Should we adjust our communication approach? Answering these questions can improve the effectiveness and impact of activities and materials, and give direction on how to improve future communication initiatives.

Ken has participated in the evaluation of communication initiatives in China, India, Thailand, Uganda and Vietnam.

Communication resource design and development

Print materials, videos, television and radio programming, photography and web-based resources are all essential elements in communicating messages to the target audience.

For much of Ken's career he has managed the design and production of print and electronic resources, developed scripts and visuals for television programming, produced instructional and documentary videos and developed and managed web-based content.

Ken is highly skilled in still photography and computer-based graphic design, desktop publishing and website development -- skills put to use in developing communication resources in Thailand, Bangladesh, Georgia, India, Indonesia, East Timor, Pakistan, China, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Training in communication planning and resource development

Quite often staff assigned to implement development communication initiatives lack the skills and technical experience necessary to work effectively. Staff trained as sector specialists are assigned to work in the field of development communication -- for which they have no experience or skill base.

Ken has designed and delivered courses on communication strategy and communication intervention planning, message development and print material production. Hands-on training in material design and development includes the use of Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop and Illustrator. Ken has conducted skills training in Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, East Timor, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand.

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